Monday, March 15, 2010

My View Of Money

I've decided not to set a fee for the sessions I facilitate. Instead, I trust clients to pay me based on how much they value a session and what they can afford. Each session is 60 to 90 minutes of focused time spent moving through any blocks, stuckness, discomfort, dis-ease and/or pain a client may be experiencing, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.) A donation button is available on the side of this blog for those who feel inspired to receive a session or a series of sessions.

Operating a business in this way feels so right because I believe we are all by nature decent, loving, cooperative and generous beings who want to support each other in every way. This belief is one of the reasons I continue to do this work and why I find it so insightful and rewarding.

I also believe all the answers to all the questions can be found within. In other words, you are the leader you've been looking for.

In my observation, though, as human beings we seem to enjoy helping each other find what we're looking for. Whether it's discovering our own inner strength to overcome obstacles or developing a skill or talent or simply living life more fully, we humans really enjoy working together on a task or goal. I know I do.

I appreciate when someone says or does something that fills me up, gives me clarity, or helps me in some way. I even have come to appreciate--not always, but more and more--when someone says or does something that triggers me. This is true because I realize everyone I interact with tells me something about myself.

So I place a great deal of value in the interplay I have with other human beings. I enjoy exploring, learning, growing and expanding as part of a community. To me, this is priceless.

In addition, doing this type of work where emotional and/or physical pain is felt and expressed safely in a loving environment has so many far reaching effects. The healing effects ripple far beyond what the eye can see, and multiplies outward to others in ways that enrich us all.

As a result, I choose not to play the "money game" with my Tapping Into Self practice as it is currently being played. I understand not every one will agree with me, or see it the same way I do. I'm okay with that. There are many paths. This is simply a path I joyfully and willingly choose to be on so I can be true to my heart.

Don't get me wrong, I love money, just as much as I love nature. And I am not adverse to "making money." I love when money flows in and out of my life, especially given how it enriches the human experience in today's world. I mean, really, who would be adverse to making money when we've all agreed the primary way to meet many of our basic human needs, such as housing, electricity, food, water, transportation, etc., is money.

So naturally I love when money is used as an exchange for my services. But the impetus for me to go into this business was fueled by something greater than money. I was inspired to do this work because of the transformations I experienced on a personal and family level using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

My consistent use of these energy techniques to nurture my innermost emotional states continues to transform the deeply entrenched negative beliefs I learned early on into more loving and life-serving ones that help me be the mom, partner, and friend I want to be.

To be clear, though, for years I've been monitoring my body reactions with our current money system, which as we all know isn't based on any sense of equality, or more important, acknowledgment of humanity as a whole.

Rather, our money system is based on beliefs in competition and scarcity, beliefs formed more than 100 years ago from what is now known to be an antiquated paradigm. In other words, a paradigm that simply is not true.

So I am trying to find a balance between living in the fear-based paradigm of our current money system and trusting my heart around what I believe to be true about the nature of our species.

Following my heart
Bruce Lipton's work outlined in his book Biology of Belief has been instrumental in giving me the courage to follow my heart. That book, and his most recent one he co-wrote with Steve Bhaerman, called Spontaneous Evolution, has influenced my life in so many ways.

I am also highly motivated by a strong desire to cultivate a shift in core beliefs around, not just money, but abundance of all kinds -- from one of competition and scarcity to one of cooperation and trust.

I have this desire not just for me and my generation, but for my son and his generation, and all future generations.

It is time
I often wonder how many more generations must be tied to this current fear-based paradigm when more than a century ago Albert Einstein mathematically proved that everything in the Universe is made out of energy and intertwined.

And nearly 70 years ago Max Planck named this unified, invisible energy field that shapes matter, the Matrix. In addition, many others have written about it, including Journalist and Author Lynne McTaggart, who refers to it as "The Field," and Greg Braden, who calls it "The Divine Matrix."

In other words, proof that "we're all in this together" has existed for more than a century. And as the book Spontaneous Evolution so aptly points out, just as we humans no longer supported a pre-Copernican or Earth-centered Universe, it seems it is time again for us to take another monumental leap forward and embrace what is now proven to be true about our Universe.

A model of "we're all in this together" lies within us all
In addition to the advances in quantum mechanics, there's also a new understanding of evolution that reveals it did not occur via competition, as Darwin contended, but through cooperation.

Lipton and Bhaerman explain that right under our noses, or perhaps more aptly said metaphorically, right beneath our wings, we can find a perfect example of how this is so.

The authors outline humanity's evolutionary history beginning with the single cell. They point out that over time, these cells began to share awareness and physically assemble into multicellular communities that eventually became the human body as we know it today.

But this didn't happen because the liver cells competed with the pancreas to get the job done. Rather, they show, how the organs and systems within the human body work together harmoniously in a perfect model of cooperation and trust.

In future blog posts, I will expand more on my efforts to move toward living my life based on a system of cooperation and trust, rather than fear and scarcity.

Now, I simply want to express my gratitude for all those who throughout my life have helped me get to this point where following my heart feels so right.